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Astah UML is Perfect if you want:

astah, What Astah UML offers
UML 2.x diagrams
Faster to create UML than Excel or non-UML-specific drawing tools.
astah, What Astah UML offers
Source Code Integration
Reverse Engineering and Source Code Generation supported.★Learn more
astah, What Astah UML offers
API & Plugins
Everyone has different design process. You can add features with Plug-ins.
astah, What Astah UML offers
Team Development
Merge, exclusive control, copy & paste supported. If you want more, go Pro.
astah, What Astah UML offers
Purchase will be available in Sep with Annual and Monthly subscriptions.
Astah UML License is free for students
Free for Studies
Students are absolutely free for their personal studies. ★ Get Free License

Differences between UML and Pro?

Astah Pro is a more powerful tool for designing software and includes all the features that Astah UML has.

Astah Professional
Astah Professional

Advantages with Astah Pro

Astah Professional ER Diagram
ER Diagram
ER Diagram support with IDEF1X and IE notations. DB reverse and SQL Export supported. Learn More
Astah Professional supports Flowchart
Draw process, system flow or anything. You can add customized shapes and export to image files.
Astah Professional supports Requirement Diagram
Requirement Diagram
Visualize requirements and functional requirements, all the relations between them and to other model elements.
Switch Icon notation
Visio-like Presentation
You can upload images to associate with Stereotype, and switch objects in those images for your presentation.
Graphically compare diagrams with Astah Professional
Compare Diagrams
You can graphically compare diagrams. Conflict tree and list are also supported. Learn More
Astah's model reference management features
Collaborative Modeling
Import projects that other team members are working as read-only. Effective for large-scaled development.
Multi-language support
Multi-language Support
Let each model have dual names - English & Portuguese, German...etc. Smart way for offshore development.
Individual Perpetual License
Perpetual License
Perpetual license is available only for Pro. If you want to use Astah for a long term, get a pro perpetual license.
Unlimited Installations
Unlimited Installations
You need one license per machine with subscription license. If you want to use at home and work, go perpetual.